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As bans on smoking in public places and business are on the rise, TG Cigars invites customers to take advantage of their Washington D.C. cigar lounge. Cigar enthusiasts are invited to look through the extensive inventory of the Washington cigar shop and try any of their selections in shop’s cigar lounge. Just down the street from the Washington Convention Center and near many other business, Washington workers can visit the cigar lounge for a relaxing cigar in the smoking room before heading back to work.


For those who enjoy cigars, but either can’t smoke at home or don’t desire to, TG Cigars is the perfect cigar oasis for Washington D.C. locals. For tourists to the nation’s capital looking for a place to enjoy a cigar after a day of exploring the city’s historical landmarks and places of significance, TG Cigars welcomes them to look through all the types of cigars the Washington D.C. cigar shop has in its cigar humidor for a premium smoking experience.


In addition to cigars and other tobacco products, TG Cigars provides cigar accessories ranging from cigar cutters to cigar ashtray products and cigar lighters. For those interesting in finding out more about the Washington D.C. cigar shop, they’re encouraged to contact TG Cigars for additional information.

Our new lounge is now open!

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