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Outside Patio is OPEN! 1:00pm - 12:00am Saturday and 1:00pm - 11:00pm Sunday

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TG Cigar's Lounge is open during regular business hours. We invite you to come in and view our wide selection of fine cigars from around the world, so come in and relax! Fire up one of our premium cigars or one of our house specials.

We're serious about stocking only the finest cigars for your smoking pleasure. Our cigars are kept under controlled temperature and humidity levels so they always taste great. Please call or visit us to find out about all the cigars we carry.

At TG Cigar, we are committed to providing a friendly environment whether you are a one-time customer or a regular visitor to our shop.

If you don't find the cigar you smoke, let us know and we will do our best to get it for you.

Ethiopian woman thrives in Washington’s world of cigars


Negest Dawit, a savvy businesswoman from Ethiopia, steered her 1998 Mercedes Benz past a vacant building on 9th Street near downtown Washington, D.C. and gazed into her future.


“I looked at the building and said ‘This will be my store,’” Dawit told Urban News Service.


That was 10 years ago. Today, Dawit — affectionately called TG — owns a cigar store. TG Cigar Lounge is at 1118 9th Street, NW.


But her journey from Ethiopia to entrepreneurship was not easy.

Business Hours: Mon-Thu 11am - 2:00am Fri-Sat 11am - 3:00am Sun 12pm - 2am

Outside Patio is OPEN! 1:00pm - 12:00am Saturday and 1:00pm - 11:00pm Sunday


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As designated smoking areas seem to vanish by the day, TG Cigars is pleased to feature the premier Washington D.C. cigar lounge. Open every day, the D.C. cigar store invites customers to enjoy a cigar on a lunch break, after work, or any other time to avoid smoking up their homes or other areas. In addition to having a place to enjoy a cigar, the cigar lounge at TG Cigars is also home to a variety of cigar events that the Washington D.C. cigar store hosts on a regular basis. Customers are invited to enjoy any one of the many cigar brands and makers of premium handmade cigars in the cigar bar. Also carrying cigar accessories and more, the tobacconist professionals at TG Cigars are pleased the be a full-service tobacco shop offering everything from house-blended tobaccos to cigar lighters, cigar ashtrays, and more. With cigar aficionado specialists on staff to assist with product selection, the Washington D.C. cigar shop and cigar lounge of TG Cigar is thrilled to be of service to the Washington D.C. natives and passing travelers alike. To find out more about the Washington D.C. cigar shop, customers are encouraged to peruse the Washington D.C. cigar website or contact TG Cigars for additional information.



For Washington D.C. residents or tourists exploring the nation’s capital, TG Cigars is excited to be the go-to Washington D.C. cigar shop and cigar lounge. Located just down the street from the Washington Convention Center, TG Cigar provides a diverse selection of premium handmade cigars, house blended tobaccos, cigar accessories, and much more. The Washington D.C. cigar store has been serving customers since 2006 with professional tobacco shop tobacconist services from in-house cigar aficionado personnel who strive to only supply their customers with a quality cigar. In addition to cigars, TG Cigars is also pleased to be a supplier of high quality cigar accessories – ranging from cigar cutters, cigar punches, cigar lighters, and cigar ashtrays. Going beyond the world of cigars, TG Cigars is also a supplier of quality tobacco accessories ranging from vaporizers to hookah pipes. Long-time cigar enthusiasts as well as cigar newcomers are invited to come shop the vast inventory of quality cigars from the Washington D.C. cigar store, TG Cigars.


Relax in our  cigar lounge!

Our cigar lounge is open for your smoking pleasure.

Business Hours: Mon-Thu 11am - 2:00am Fri-Sat 11am - 3:00am Sun 12pm - 2am


As bans on smoking in public places and business are on the rise, TG Cigars invites customers to take advantage of their Washington D.C. cigar lounge. Cigar enthusiasts are invited to look through the extensive inventory of the Washington cigar shop and try any of their selections in shop’s cigar lounge. Just down the street from the Washington Convention Center and near many other business, Washington workers can visit the cigar lounge for a relaxing cigar in the smoking room before heading back to work.


For those who enjoy cigars, but either can’t smoke at home or don’t desire to, TG Cigars is the perfect cigar oasis for Washington D.C. locals. For tourists to the nation’s capital looking for a place to enjoy a cigar after a day of exploring the city’s historical landmarks and places of significance, TG Cigars welcomes them to look through all the types of cigars the Washington D.C. cigar shop has in its cigar humidor for a premium smoking experience.


In addition to cigars and other tobacco products, TG Cigars provides cigar accessories ranging from cigar cutters to cigar ashtray products and cigar lighters. For those interesting in finding out more about the Washington D.C. cigar shop, they’re encouraged to contact TG Cigars for additional information.

Beat the Summer Heat! Our new Water Feature is inviting as well as refreshing. Come and see our new addition to the TG Ciagr Patio!

Our new lounge is now open!


Come in and enjoy a fine cigar with friends.

Our bar is now open!


Come in and have a drink and enjoy a fine cigar.

We have a big selection of fine cigars and spirits!


Come in for a drink and a cigar.


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Let us know if you want to host your cigar event with us.


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Look for event announcements in this space. We will be inviting several cigar makers to introduce new cigars as well as enjoy the classics.

Our cigar lounge is now open! Please come in and enjoy a cigar with a friend or just come in to relax for a drink!

At TG Ciagr Lounge, we offer some of the best cigars...names you already know! We also offer some unique boutique cigars we want you to try. If you don't find your cigar here, please let us know and we will try to get it for you in the near future.

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